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محاكاة النظم الصناعية

نبذة عن المقرر:

يهدف هذا المقرر الى تزويد الطالب بمفهوم المحاكاة وتزويده بمهارات التصميم والنمذجة وتزويده بالمعرفة لاستخدام برامج التصميم والمحاكاة  ليتمكن من الطالب من ادخال بيانات محاكاة التصميم وتحليل بيانات المحاكاة من التصميم

صنع 322
المتطلبات السابقة:
مواضيع المقرر:

1) Introduction: Simulation   languages and software, Nature of simulation, Various types of simulation,   Simulation and model building, Statistical techniques in simulation

2) Fundamental simulation   concepts: A “manual” example.

3) Guided Tour Through Arena:   Introduction to Arena Basic concepts: Entities, stations, resources,   transporters, animation, performance measures

4) MODELING BASIC OPERATIONS AND   INPUTS: Resource schedules and failures Animating resources and queues,   Dynamic plots, Setting the run conditions, run length and stopping rules,   Tracing and debugging a model.

5) Review of basic Probability   and statistics

6) Input data modelling: Various   probability distributions Goodness of fit tests, Choosing a distribution in   the absence of data

7) Random numbers, Random   variates.

8) Modelling detailed   operations: Multiple-way decisions, Sets, variables, and non-stationary   arrival process

9) - Statistical analysis of   output from terminating simulations: Time frame of simulations, Confidence   intervals for terminating systems, comparing two alternatives, The Output   Analyzer Evaluating many alternatives with the Process Analyzer (PAN),   Searching for an optimal alternative with OptQuest.

10)Variance   Reduction Techniques.

11)Design   of experiments: Factorial designs, Factor screening strategies

Conducting Simulation Studies: Model verification and   validation Principles of valid simulation modelling.

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